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What's Your Fred's Fix?

What is a Fred's Fix?

These are all of your favourite sweet treats old and new. The smells, the aroma’s the look will take you straight back to your childhood. Fred’s Fix is a twist on the modern pick a mix which can apply to every product we sell in Freds, including our handmade chocolates and fudge which you can find under Fredericks Chocolates.

To help you find your very own Fred’s Fix, we have put them into categories that you see below. These cover everything from retro sweets to the more modern varieties and are identical to the range that we have in store.

We hope that you find the sweets you are looking for but if you can’t, be sure to contact us using the form on this website and we might be able to source them for you!

Just a Few Temptations

We pride ourselves on our vast range of sweets and hopefully have something for everyone! We have everything retro, sour, chewy AND MORE. We have been selling sweets for over 10 years and we have learnt a lot. From the origin of Black Bullets to the history of Victory V’s. Some sweets have disappeared but then came back as demand grew such as Kopp Kops and Iced Caramels. Some unfortunately have been lost forever such as coconut teacakes, spangles and buttered brazils.

Whether you are looking for a nostalgic treat such as ABC letters or that sweet you can’t quite remember the name of but know what it look like or if you want something different, we hope you will find what you are looking for. Gobstoppers to gummies, American to Scottish, Traditional to Modern, Mega Sours to Sugar Free. Fred’s will have a Fix for you.

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